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Whether an acute Or long Term injury, or looking to improve strength and Mobility, better fit therapy is for all ages, abilities, and Those desiring a healthier and Happier lifestyle 

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Better fit therapy is for everyone

Hello and welcome to Better Fit Therapy! I'm so glad you have found me and I can't wait to get to know you. I'm Tracy and have been a physical therapist for the past 19 years. I've worked with individual clients from all backgrounds and ages and have seen the myriad of stresses and injuries on the body and the benefit of a comprehensive physical therapy action plan. 

Together, we work collaboratively to get you back in the gym, the park, your favorite fitness class, or just living the very best life you can, with full functionality and mobility. Let's get started!

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A healthy body is a nourished one 

360° wellness means mind, body, and spirit

Areas of Speciality

Athletes, Aerialists, Yogis, Lyra + Pole

I've treated hundreds of individuals over the course of my career and in addition to working with the general pubilc, I do specialize in a few, very unique, areas of fitness. If you are an athlete, aerialist, yogi, lyra, and pole performer, dancer, student, or instructor, I've got you covered! An avid athlete myself, I particpate in all of these forms of fitness (so fun!), as well as being a commmitted member of Jabz Gym.

I understand what these types of fitness classes can do in terms of stress on the body. I've been actively working with students and instructors from all of these fitness genres and understand intimately the impact of swinging in silks or hammocks, working with a pole, or on the lyra aerial hoop. I'll customize per client, but also know how to offer preventive care and training plans. 

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